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Experienced Patio Deck Cleaning Pros In Los Angeles

Deck pressure washing

With mild temperatures throughout the year, you're sure to want to keep your patio and deck clean at all times, so you can always enjoy the beautiful weather. For patio deck cleaning in Los Angeles, you can trust H.O.M.E. Pressure Washing Solutions LLC. We are experts who know how to treat each patio surface and restore the color of your patio deck with our pressure washing methods.

Your wooden deck should be cleaned by a professional so as to not damage, splinter, or strip the wood surface. Our patio deck cleaning technicians know a soft wash cleaning is ideal for delicate wood surfaces. Our pressure washing for Los Angeles expert crew will apply a cleaning detergent to your deck and then use a low-pressure sprayer to remove the soap and dirt. Patio deck cleaning regularly will preserve your wooden patio or deck by removing harsh contaminants that may break down the wood or cause rot. Making sure you maintain your deck will mean less expensive repairs in the future and a safer place to walk around your home barefoot. We also use a soft wash for house washing.

For concrete patio cleaning, we are experts at concrete cleaning. This tough surface can withstand a high-pressure sprayer and this helps to remove set-in stains or discoloration that has been there for months or years.

Deck patio cleaning benefits:

  • Return deck or patio to its original color
  • Improve your outdoor living spaces
  • Avoid costly repairs in the future
  • Repair hazards like splintered wood or chipped/cracked concrete

Outdoor Living Space Washing for Quality Relaxation

Patio deck cleaning is an easy way to spruce up your outdoor living spaces. You can rest easy knowing you don't have to tackle this chore or think about taking care of it in the future. Let our experts do the job for you so all you have to do is host the next backyard pool party or sip a glass of wine on your patio or deck.


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