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Los Angeles Fence Cleaning To Care For Your Entire Property

Fence cleaning

Improve your Los Angeles home's curb appeal instantly with fence cleaning from H.O.M.E. Pressure Washing Solutions LLC. A worn fence can make your entire property look rundown, but fence cleaning will improve the look of the fence and your home.

Our team of experts knows the best way to handle each fencing material and work hard to protect your surrounding landscape and yard from any damage during pressure cleaning. A wood or vinyl fence needs a soft wash fence cleaning. A soft wash is a two-step process where our technicians apply a gentle cleaning detergent to the fence and then wash away dirt and soap with a low-pressure sprayer. This method ensures that the materials aren't damaged and neither is your surrounding green space. Fence washing with a full blast pressure washing sprayer is ideal for prepping a wooden fence for paint or stain.

Fence cleaning regularly will ensure that your fence lasts for years. It can be expensive to repair or replace a fence so you want to make sure to engage in regular maintenance. Removing mold, mildew, algae, and other contaminants will obviously improve the look of your fence but also protects it from damage. Hire H.O.M.E. Pressure Washing Solutions LLC to improve all your curb appeal, including house washing. We are the experts for pressure washing in the Los Angeles area.

Benefits of fence cleaning:

  • Improve your outdoor living spaces
  • Save money on repairing or replacing your fence
  • Extend the life of the fence
  • Prep your fence for paint or stain

Outdoor Living is Easy with Our Fence Cleaning Services

Take one chore off your to-do list and let the professionals improve your outdoor living space with fence cleaning. We have the latest equipment to get the job done quickly and safely - protecting your home, fence, and landscape. All you need to do is fire up the grill or set out the lawn chairs.


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